Donald Cerrone apologizes to Mark Wahlberg for getting ‘too real’ during Spenser Confidential fight scene

Donald Cerrone, UFC Vancouver
Image: @ufc on Instagram

Donald Cerrone has apologized to Mark Wahlberg for being a little too tough on him during a fight scene for the new film Spenser Confidential.

The UFC veteran has been trying his hand at acting. His recent acting gig involved getting paid to rough up Hollywood tough guy Mark Wahlberg. It’s all in the name of entertainment for the Netflix movie Spenser Confidential, released in March 2020. “Cowboy” was brought on board to fight Wahlberg on screen, and as a part-time fight choreographer.

Cerrone admitted that he has never been in a fake fight, and had no plans on changing that for the filming. During a behind-the-scenes clip posted on Twitter, the athlete apologized for getting “too real” on the Hollywood star.

According to Wahlberg, the cast and film crew loved having front row seats to watch him get beat up.

“Everybody on the set thoroughly enjoyed the fact that I was getting beat up, attacked by dogs, dragged through the mud,” he said to IMBD. “I’d be like ‘are we done yet?’ and they’d be like ‘no, let’s do one more.’

“Yes, getting hit is not as fun as hitting, that’s for sure.”

In the film, Wahlberg takes a handful of beatings. But, he admitted that his toughest fight came at the hands of the UFC veteran.

“It’s got to be Cowboy Cerrone in the prison. He is the most winning fighter in the UFC, so he’s not used to pulling punches or kicks.

“The dog also doesn’t take direction too well. When they attack, he’s on. He just doesn’t know how to go light.”

It is unclear who Donald Cerrone will fight in the UFC next after he suffered a 40-second TKO at the hands of Conor McGregor at UFC 246. But one thing is for certain, Hollywood a-listers are waiting at the ready for his next move.

This article first appeared on on 3/13/2020.

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