Ariel Helwani ruthlessly trolls Dillon Danis after being labeled a “b*tch” for his support of Jake Paul


MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani ruthlessly trolled Dillon Danis after the Bellator fighter labeled him a “b*tch” for supporting Jake Paul.

Earlier this afternoon Helwani captioned Paul’s ‘real challenge’ to Dana White with the words “Bigger dub”.

Ariel seemingly applauding Jake’s efforts to rattle the UFC boss clearly didn’t sit well with Dillon Danis who replied with: “Ariel you’re a b*tch”.

Since leaving his prior gig at ESPN earlier this year, Ariel Helwani has embraced the role of ‘Heelwani’ – which he put in full force while replying to Danis.

As seen below the longtime MMA journalist ruthlessly trolled ‘El Jefe’ with a barrage of tweets.

”Guys if you think life sucks right now just think you could have begged for 3 years to fight an 0-0 YouTuber and 3 years later still not be popular enough or good enough to even be considered a worthy opponent for him. Imagine that. In other words, you could be @dillondanis.”

Ariel Helwani continued:

“Hey guys follow me real quick and I’ll follow you back and pay you 1k. Ffs. Get a grip Dillon. Who acts like this? 3…2…1 before ol DD texts me hey bro why don’t you like me? Like, I thought we were cool bro. Can’t wait for the witty tweet reply, too. And then he’ll call for a truce and then ask me to RT his tweets every two seconds. What a pleasure.”

Ariel Helwani concluded:

“Anyway. Maybe this will be the year he accepts your challenge Dillon!! I personally hope he does so you can leave us the f alone with your stupid tweets and lame social media skillz. Save us, @ScottCoker. The begging is unbecoming. Please. For the love of God save us.”

Adding salt to the wound for Danis was the fact that popular Twitter handle ‘MMA History’ proceeded to release the following information regarding his lengthy absence from the sport.

Do you think we will see Dillon Danis compete in 2022?

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