UFC Norfolk Results: Dustin Poirier stops Anthony Pettis in round 3 (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - November 11, 2017

A key lightweight scrap between Dustin Poirier and former division champion Anthony Pettis headlined tonight’s UFC Fight Night card in Norfolk, Virginia.

Dustin Poirier

Round one begins and Pettis starts things off with a side kick followed by a low kick. Poirier is pressing forward but Anthony catches him with another low kick. Dustin misses with an uppercut. Pettis leaps in with a flying knee followed by a left hand. Dustin shoots in and scores with a double leg takedown. Pettis is up against the fence which he might use to wall-walk here. Pettis is looking to lock up a guillotine choke. He switches to a kimura attempt. Poirier breaks free of the submission attempt and lands some shots to the body. Pettis scores a sweep and winds up on top. He opts to stand up and Poirier catches him with an elbow. Pettis lands a nice counter right hand over the top. He finds a home for it again. Poirier once again shoots in for a takedown but this time Pettis is able to defend. Anthony misses with a low kick and Poirier counters nicely with a left hand. That appeared to stun Pettis. Poirier comes forward with a combination. He is all over Pettis here. Anthony lands a spinning back fist. Poirier with another flurry. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Pettis lands a right hand followed by a shot to the body. Dustin shoots in for a takedown and presses Pettis against the cage. Poirier picks Pettis up and slams him down. “The Diamond” begins working from full guard. Anthony rolls for a triangle. He switches to an armbar. Poirier is able to escape. That was close. Poirier lands an elbow and busts Pettis wide open. Anthony rolls and gives up his back. Poirier locks in both hooks. Somehow Pettis is able to spin and wind up on top and in full guard. He begins dropping some huge elbows. He looks to take the back of Poirier but he slides off the top and Dustin winds up on top. Pettis tries an armbar but there is to much blood. Another scramble and Pettis winds up on top. The fighters get back to their feet and Anthony jumps on Dustin’s back. Again he falls off and Poirier winds up on top. The referee steps in as Pettis is covered in blood. The doctor is taking a look. It appears that they will let this fight continue. We restart with Poirier in full guard. Under a minute remains in the round. Poirier with some ground and pound. Anthony locks in a triangle choke. It is deep. Somehow Poirier escapes. He works some heavy punches to close out round two.

Round three begins and Anthony goes upstairs with a high kick which is blocked. Poirier shoots in for a takedown. He grabs a hold of single leg and drags Anthony to the canvas. Pettis rolls for a kimura. Poirier is not having it. He takes the back of Pettis. Poirier locks in a body triangle. He rolls in to the mount position and Pettis tapsout. It appears like he may have injured a rib.

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