UFC 223 Results: Chris Gruetzemacher stops Joe Lauzon

By Chris Taylor - April 7, 2018

UFC 223 Results: Chris Gruetzemacher stops Joe Lauzon

Joe Lauzon

A lightweight scrap between fan favorite Joe Lauzon and Chris Chris Gruetzemacher took place at tongiht’s UFC 223 event in Brooklyn, New York.

Round one begins and Gruetzemacher comes forward early with a combination. Lauzon takes the offering and then returns fire with a flurry to the body. Joe continues with forward pressure. He lands a left hand followed by a right over the top. Lauzon shoots in but the attempt is stuffed. Chris gets top position and winds up in full guard. Joe immediately loses butterfly guard. He looks for a sweep but can only buck Chris off momentarily. Gruetzemacher with some shots to the body. He lands an elbow. Lauzon rolls for a leg. He locks up a heel hook but Chris is doing a good job of defending. Joe scrambles back to his feet and lands a front kick. Chris fires back with a left hand. Joe responds with a standing elbow. He lands another. Just under two minutes remain in round one. Another nice elbow from Lauzon. Gruetzemacher replies with a low kick followed by a short right hand. Lauzon breaks free from the clinch but eats an uppercut. Joe with a shot tot he body and then a right hand over the top. Chris comes forward with a left hook that appears to stun Joe. He backs him up against the cage. Lauzon breaks free and lands a straight left. Chris with a front kick to the body. He lands an elbow. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Gruetzemacher immediately presses forward. He lands a hard low kick. Joe replies with an uppercut but Chris is all over him with strikes. Lauzon shoots in for a takedown but it is stuffed. Chris lands an elbow inside from the clinch. Lauzon breaks free but eats a hard knee. More clinch work from the fighters. Chris foes to the body and head with punches. He lands a big knee. Lauzon is tough as hell. Joe is eating shots now. He is bleeding from his right cheek. Big body shots from Gruetzemacher. Lauzon finally circles off the fence. He eats a combination followed by a knee. Chris is walking Joe down now. Still, Lauzon fires off a combo. He lands a nice right hand. Another good right from Lauzon. Chris returns fire with an elbow followed by an uppercut. Another uppercut lands. Lauzon swings a back elbow that just misses the mark. Chris continues to fire off right hands. Most of which are landing. Lauzon catches a kick but can’t do anything with it. He lands a straight left. Chris fires back with a right hand. Lauzon eats a big uppercut. He is in trouble and bleeding badly now. Gruetzemacher continues with the onslaught. He is all over Joe. Somehow Lauzon remains on his feet. He is a mess. Another big elbow from Chris. He follows that up with an uppercut and round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and

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