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UFC 214 Results: Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino TKO’s Tonya Evinger (Highlights)

A women’s featherweight title fight took place on tonight’s UFC 214 main card as top contender Cris Cyborg took on Tonya Evinger for the promotions vacant title.

Round one begins and Cyborg presses forward and throws a left. Another left from Justino appears to rock Evinger. Cyborg rushes in with a combination. Evinger eats the blows and pulls guard. Cyborg stands up and motions Evinger to do the same. Cyborg immediately presses forward. She lands a couple of right hands and then a knee. Evinger circles out. Cyborg catches her with a hard low kick. Cristiane presses forward. Evinger ducks under a strike and shoots in for a takedown. She presses Cyborg against the fence. She scores the takedown but Cris is back up. Evinger still stays on her and scores a nice trip takedown. Cris shoots back up to her feet and lands a hard knee. Evinger circles out. She appears to accidently poke Cyborg in the eye. We break as the referee gives Cris time to recover. We restart after a long break and Cyborg quickly presses forward with an inside leg kick. Tonya fires a leg kick off of her own. They fighters clinch a Cris lands a knee. Evinger attempts to press the fight against the cage. Cris misses with a takedown. Tonya circles off the fence. Cyborg with a combination. She lands a knee and then another set of shots. Tonya circles out but eats another right hand. Cris with a follow up knee and the horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Cyborg lands a hard inside low kick. Evinger circles and takes the center of the octagon. Cyborg cuts off her angle and presses forward with another low kick. Evinger paws with a left jab. Cris lands a right. Another good right hand from Cyborg. Evinger circles out and then lands a left jab. Cyborg returns fire with a right hand. Evinger continues to press on. She lands a right hand. Cyborg responds with a right hand. Evinger circles out but Cris is on her with a knee. She lands a good punch but Tonya fires back with a nice uppercut. Tonya presses Cris against the cage. Cyborg rolls off and then leaps in with a right hand. A sharp left jab now from Cris. She goes outside with a low kick. Tonya paws with a left jab. Cris responds with a left hand. She works in a right. Evinger is tough. She circles and lands a right of her own. Tonya is backing up now. Cris leaps in and lands a kick to the body. Evinger circles off the fence. She leaps in with a two punch combo. Nothing doing. Cyborg comes forward now. She lands a right hand and then a kick. Evinger presses her against the cage. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Cyborg lands a jab to the body. She scores with a big right hand followed by a head kick. Another shots from Cyborg sends Tonya to the floor. Cyborg with some leg kicks and then tells Tonya to stand back up. Evinger does. Cyborg presses forward quickly. She lands a left hand and then a right jab. Cyborg continues to press forward she lands a huge knee. Cyborg drops Tonya. She rushes in with punches. This is all over!

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