UFC 211 Results: David Branch defeats Krzysztof Jotko

By Chris Taylor - May 13, 2017

UFC 211 Results: David Branch vs. Krzysztof Jotko

David Branch

A middleweight scrap between David Branch and Krzysztof Jotko kicked off tonight’s UFC 211 pay-per-view card in Dallas, Texas.

Round one begins and David Branch fires off a high kick that misses to start. He leaps in with a right jab. Jotko circles and then comes forward with a left. Branch returns fire with a left hand of his own. David shoots in and scores a beautiful double leg takedown. He postures up and lands a nice left hand from full guard. Branch with a sharp elbow from the top. Jotko is working for an armbar but it is not there. Jotko works his way against the cage from his back. He uses the fence to stand back up. The fighters engage in the clinch. Branch with a knee inside. David switches the position but Jotko is able to use the transition to score a takedown. Branch is able to stand back up. Once again he forces Jotko up against the cage. A good knee lands for Branch. Not much action here. David is looking for a single leg takedown. Jotko defends the attempt. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and after a couple of misses strikes from both parties, Branch is able to land a front kick to the thigh. Jotko shoots in and forces Branch against the cage. He lands a nice spinning back fist but Branch is able to circle away. Jotko connects with a low blow and we have a short break. Upon restart Jotko lands a jab. Branch returns fire with a right hand. Jotko with another good right. He circles away from Branch. David presses forward but misses with an attempted jab. Branch charges forward and lands a takedown. Jotko is able to get right back however and lands a left hand. Another good left from Jotko. Branch responds with a right hand to the body. David lunges forward and presses Jotko against the fence. The referee quickly steps in and separates the fighters. Jotko presses forward with a front kick. Branch responds with a right hand. Jotko misses with a spinning wheel kick and Branch is able to secure a takedown. Jotko gets right back up and begins working his jab. Round two comes to an end.

Round three begins and Jotko misses with a right hook. Branch responds with a leg kick. Jotko circles out but then quickly closes the distance. Both fighters are pawing with the jab. Branch with a right to the body. Jotko throws a high kick but David blocks it easily. Branch with a kick to the body now. He charges forward but cannot wrap up Jotko. The crowd is getting restless now. Branch charges forward with a flurry that misses. The fighters clinch and Branch presses Jotko against the cage. Jotko switches the position and lands a knee. Branch replies with one of his own. Eventually the referee steps in and separates the men. Branch moves forward and lands a right hand over the top. He shoots in and scores a nice double leg takedown on Jotko. He works some short punches. Jotko scrambles and they are back on their feet. Branch presses Jotko against the fence. He lands a knee. Again the referee has to come in and break them up. Jotko comes forward with a knee and then a right hand. Branch circles away. He leaps in with a right hand that partially connects. Jotko scores a late uppercut and the horn sounds to end round three.

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