VIDEO | Watch Two Cunning, Irish Fans Sneak Into UFC 205

By Tom Taylor - November 15, 2016

UFC arena - ABC

Ireland’s Conor McGregor, who now owns the UFC featherweight and lightweight titles, is famous for his ability to pull thousands of Irish fans across to the Atlantic to his fights in North America. His latest fight, which occured at UFC 205 in New York City, was no exception to this rule.

Unfortunately, tickets for this card were extremely expensive and difficult to acquire. So, when combined with airfare and accommodation costs, many Irish fans simply couldn’t manage to attend.

Irish magician Shane Gillan and YouTuber Kymann Power fell into this category of McGregor fans who weren’t able to get their hands on tickets. But they didn’t let that stop them from attending the historic New York City card. Instead, the two clever fans developed a ploy to sneak into Madison Square Garden and take in the action free of charge.

The plan began with a bit of photography, as Power went to the venue and took pictures of UFC crew passes with his zoom lens. The pair then used these photos to design their own passes on photoshop, and even adorned these knockoff passes with their names and false credentials to make them look more authentic.

The next move was navigating multiple security checkpoints to gain access to the inside of the arena.

“We pretended we were in a serious rush, so when security stopped us we acted a little put out, as if we had to get to a job,” the pair explained to The Daily Edge

“We brought laptops and cameras to make it look the part and tried to just wear muted tones, just to look like we knew what we were at.”

“We were told at one entrance that we needed to go to a different entrance, then that security guard said to us ‘I know the email said differently but that’s the way it is,’ so that gave us a little ammo to use at the next door. If we said ‘Oh the email said to go to the other door’, then it would make it look like we got an email about it!”

Eventually, the pair successfully infiltrated the venue. From there, they headed to the bar to “calm their nerves,” before hunkering down to enjoy the fights. The two cunning fans even managed to gain access to the press room at the end of the night.

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