Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson will be a lot bigger when he enters the octagon at UFC 209

By Chris Taylor - February 22, 2017

Top UFC welterweight contender Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson will get his second shot at UFC gold in less than two weeks when he rematches current division champion Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC 209.

Tyron Woodley Stephen Thompson

Prior to his highly anticipated rematch with “The Chosen One”, Thompson took the time to speak with’s Chris Taylor on today’s episode of Rapid Fire.

Taylor asked Thompson to discuss how his training camp has gone for UFC 209.

“Yea man camp has actually gone really good. We are just winding down and last week was really hard training. We head to Vegas next week and then we will just be focused on the weight cut pretty much. So all of the preparation is in, we are done. So I am just focused on the fight right now.”

This past December, “Wonderboy” told Taylor that he was planning on coming in to his rematch with Woodley heavier and with more muscle than he did at UFC 205. During today’s interview, Thompson revealed that he is in fact much heavier this time around.

“Yea man you know last time I was walking around at about 182 (pounds). I’m up to 190 (pounds) and I’m trying to stay about right there. I am not trying to get over that (190-pounds). It is still a dramatic cut. But, I have done it before. I have done it in the past. So I know I can do it. I am feeling stronger and I am feeling faster than ever man.”

As for a prediction for his rematch with Woodley at UFC 209, Stephen Thompson had the following to say.

“Well I know that he is training hard and that of course I am training hard. We are both definitely going to go out there and give it a hundred percent. You know I never go out there looking for the knockout. I just let it happen. In the past I have actually gone out there and looked for the knockout and just found that I wear myself out trying. So now I am more patient. If the knockout happens then it happens. If not, I am ready to go 5 five minute rounds of war. That is what I am preparing for. I am just looking to go out there and leave it all in the octagon. This is for the welterweight championship of the world. This is for the title I have dreamed about. So you know I am going out there to give it all I’ve got. What I visualize is me getting my hand raised at the end of this fight with that belt wrapped around my waist.”

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February 21, 2017

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