VIDEO | Ariel Helwani caused ‘Rampage’ Jackson to lose $1 million and a three-year relationship

Ariel Helwani is being blamed as the cause of Quinton “Rampage” Jackson losing a lot of money and even opened the can of worms to end a three-year relationship between Jackson and his former girlfriend.


Well Helwani in an MMA journalist that asks questions to various people involved in MMA. Sometimes the questions can be personal about relationships but most often times are about the fight game and business of it all. Apparently, “Rampage” answered some of Helwani’s questions that got him in trouble.

Good news for Helwani is that “Rampage” isn’t upset with him, nor does he feel a need to pay him back the said $1 million or find him a new girlfriend.

Lucky thing for Helwani that “Rampage” knows he was only trying his best to do his job as a journalist.

Check out the conversation between Ariel Helwani and “Rampage” Jackson (50:54 of the video) on Monday’s episode of “The MMA Hour.”

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