VIDEO | Nikita Krylov Just Destroyed Emanuel Newton in 42 Seconds

By Justin Golightly - October 13, 2017

There’s no UFC this weekend, but that won’t stop the fight game from barreling into the weekend in devastating fashion. There is a RIZIN event for the hardcore fight fan insomniac, GLORY has some kickboxing going on, and Fight Nights Global is happening at the time of this article. Former UFC fighter Nikita Kyrlov just had his second fight a tFNG 77 and it didn’t last long at all. It took Krylov less than a minute to knock out former Bellator light heavyweight champion Emanuel Newton.

Everyone was sort of confused when Nikita Krylov was released from the UFC. He was an exciting fighter on a five-fight win streak until losing to Misha Cirkunov, after that he was signed to FNG and continues to wreak havoc. Both of Krylov’s fights in FNG amount to only a minute and 35 seconds. UFC or no UFC, Nikita Krylov is only 25 years old and had a long future ahead of him in combat sports. Earlier this month, he took to his Instagram to explain why he is no longer fighting in the UFC. His entire statement is down below.

“Once again, the answer to the most popular question is ‘Why did you go to Fight Nights from the UFC?’ I understand that everyone who asks him would be interested to see how I would fight with [Jimi] Manuwa or [Alexander] Gustafsson, I myself would be interested in fighting with them, but not right now. Why? Because I’m 25 years old, of which 20 I did not practice as a professional MMA fighter. Because it is not the greatest pleasure to fly to the fights for 10,000 km from his one-year-old son. It’s a little harder than writing ‘why do you fight at Fight Nights.’ Because neither Daniel Cormier nor John Jones have relatives living in the city, which was recently reported in the news with military reports. Because when I told the UFC management my conditions, I was just fired, and when I told them to the leadership of Fight Nights, Kamil Hajiyev was sitting opposite me and we were talking. Because the sponsorship relationship with Reebok is not the same as the relationship with the “North Assault” and VP Lab. Because for the fight with Cirkunov, taking into account taxes, I received half the amount less than for the fight with [Stjepan] Bekavac. Because it is no easier to beat Fabio Maldonado or Emanuel Newton than [Francimar] Barroso and [Ed] Herman. Because I want to learn in training, not in battles with Ovince St. Pruex. It’s not very pleasant to understand already during the battle, that you just do not have enough base. Because when you rest your head on the ceiling, you do not need to pierce your head, you have to go down from the stool and go look for the stairs to the next floor. To everyone who understands this, thanks for the support, I always appreciate it. Consider that this is such a stage of a career when I am gaining experience and laying the foundation. Fight Nights are determined to offer me interesting rivals and for this, too, thank you. I hope that we have closed this topic.” – Nikita Krylov’s instagram

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