VIDEO | Mirko Cro Cop Says He’ll Never Be on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

By Justin Golightly - January 2, 2018

If there is one guy that you don’t want mad at you, it’s Mirko Cro Cop or else you’ll find out firsthand the meaning behind his right leg, hospital; left leg, cemetery motto. He’s an absolute legend in the sport and has accomplished insane things in his storied career, but he’s still not done just yet. Fresh off his win on New Year’s Eve over Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, he moves on to an apparent beef with Joe Rogan over some comments on his podcast. While the video which is not in English was translated by translated by Darsus on Reddit, we have been provided with another translation by Roko Skender of the Perth Titans, a group of MMA enthusiasts who are involved at a community level helping youth and disadvantaged kids.

Mirko Cro Cop

“I’ll tell you when [I will go on Joe Rogan’s podcast], and sorry for this phrase but you’ll see me on Joe Rogan’s podcast when my dick grows legs because Joe Rogan upset me. You know what, he is rude. He’s really rude. He started on me so many times, you know. He starts talking and it always begins with something positive, which should be the case, something positive about my career, and then he starts gossiping. He first spreads stories that I carried millions of dollars in a suitcase, which is physically impossible.”

“I was f-cking watching [his show] and it’s not normal what they were saying. And then who was that who was with him? Who was talking sh-t? That I was in some treasury. What treasury man? What f-cking treasury? That wasn’t done in PRIDE. Anyway they found that amusing. To f-cking talk that sh-t, and I won’t even tell you what other stories Rogan was gossiping about. You know, he’s always, always got something to say. I mean, he wouldn’t want me to — well, let’s just say his hair would stand up And I really liked the guy, but every now and then he acts smart and now Rogan is barred. That’s it.” — Mirko Cro Cop on his post-RIZIN video blog as translated by Roko Skender.

Clearly Joe Rogan is a giant fan of Mirko Cro Cop. He’s praised the PRIDE and K-1 legend over and over again on the Joe Rogan Experience, but he’s also told some things about PRIDE as well as a lot of nudge-nudge-wink-winking about alleged steroid use since Cro Cop has left the UFC to compete in RIZIN. Last year, Mirko won the RIZIN openweight grand prix and enters into 2018 on his supposed victory lap with the organization. He’ll fight two more times in this new year, before retiring this time for good in December 2018. …Unless he wants to trade kicks with Rogan.

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