Pros react to Mike Perry’s brutal KO victory over Jake Ellenberger

By Chris Taylor - April 23, 2017

Pros react to Mike Perry’s brutal KO victory over Jake Ellenberger

Mike Perry with one of the best UFC knockouts of 2017

UFC welterweight Mike Perry scored a devastating second-round knockout victory over veteran Jake Ellenberger on the main card of last night’s UFC Fight Night 108 event in Nashville.

“Platinum” was able to catch Ellenberger with a standing right elbow that sent Jake crashing to the canvas early in round two (watch that here).

The viscous knockout victory earned Perry a $50k performance of the night award.

Here is how the pros reacted to Perry’s destruction of Ellenberger:

Get the full UFC Fight Night 108 Mike Perry vs. Jake Ellenberger fight recap below:

Round one begins and Perry opens things up with a kick. Ellenberger circles and then shoots in and score a takedown. Perry is able to scramble and quickly get back up to his feet. Platinum throws a side kick and then a left hand behind it. Ellenberger looks tentative early. Perry with a left hand. Jake replies with a body kick and then a right hand that finds the mark. Perry circles out and then comes forward with a combination. He lands a low kick. Perry misses with a wild left hook but Ellenberger misses a chance for a takedown. Both men land left hands. Jake shoots in but eats a knee for his troubles. Perry lands a straight left and Jake respond with a hard right hand over the top. Perry with some good kicks. Jake responds with a hard kick to the body of Perry. Ellenberger scores a trip takedown but Perry gets right back up to his feet. Mike charges forward with a combination. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Perry lands a pair of good inside leg kicks to start. Ellenberger replies with a nice left hand. He charges forward and scores with a knee. Perry lands a left that rocks Ellenberger. Jake pops right back up to his feet. The fighters battle in the pocket. Both men trade shots. Perry fires off a right elbow destroys Ellenberger! WOW!

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