EXCLUSIVE | Mark Hunt reveals he has turned down 2 fights since UFC 200

By bjpenndotcom - November 3, 2016

Heavyweight MMA veteran Mark Hunt has remained adamant that following his UFC 200 loss to Brock Lesnar, who failed both a random out-of-competition drug test before the fight, as well as a fight night drug test, he will not step into the Octagon until the UFC remedies the situation.

Mark Hunt

While Hunt initially requested 50% of Lesnar’s whopping purse for the event, before then changing gears and requesting 100% of Lesnar’s purse, he also revealed on this week’s episode of BJPenn.com Radio that he is prepared to take the UFC to court over the matter in order to get a provision put into future UFC contracts protecting fighters from fighting fighters who are on PEDs.

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While Hunt must wait until Brock Lesnar has his USADA hearing, he revealed during this week’s episode of BJPenn.com Radio8 that in the meantime he has turned down two fights from the UFC due to the fact that the promotion hasn’t put a provision in his contract protecting him from fighting opponents who abuse PEDs.

He explains:

“There was actually two fights that I turned down. The first fight I turned down was the one against Josh Barnett, me & Josh Barnett in Melbourne. I had to turn that down because nothing has been done about it, they offered me JDS (Junior dos Santos) in Canada [at UFC 206], and I said ‘if you guys change this, put this provision in my contract, I’ll do the fight, of course.’ I’m not one to turn down any fights, I just want it to be even now. It’s not the company’s fault that these guys are cheating, but I do feel that they should systems in place.”

“These guys want to do it for financial gain, so you take that away, that’s the start of stopping these steroid users. This shouldn’t be the Ultimate Fighting Cheating Competition, this should be the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and that’s what’s so sad about it. I’ve had to turn down two fights, and why should I have to turn down money that’s supposed to be for my family, and turn down these opportunities, because these guys are cheating? It just angers me.”

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Mark Hunt