Jose Aldo claims he had a spy in Frankie Edgar’s camp during UFC 200 fight week

Jose Aldo drops Frankie Edgar

Current UFC interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo claims he had some assistance with his game plan going up against former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 200.

According to MMA Fighting, with the UFC usually separating fighters in two separate groups at the hotel during fight week, Aldo looked at the roster to see who he could get some information from on his opponent.

“If I kicked, he’d take me down,” Aldo said to the media at Nova Uniao on Wednesday (transcribed by MMA Fighting). “We had a few spies from the other side, people that were training close to him the entire week, and they always came and talked to us. So I had to stop kicking and my left hand, because he would counter on that.”

When the media asked Aldo if he was serious about his tactics, the interim champion assured that he wasn’t joking about his sneaky plans.

“Of course I had. Otherwise, why wouldn’t I kick? That’s my instinct,” Aldo said. “So we always have a spy. We send someone to be a part of that training [room] and then they give us information. We get that information and know what they are training.”

Aldo also said that this isn’t the first time that he has implied the tactic, relying on his Brazilian allies in the fight camps also fighting on the same card that he is scheduled on.

What are your thoughts on Jose Aldo’s tactics for his fights? Is he just implementing something that all the other fighters are capable of? Or do you think it’s an issue that needs to be addressed by the UFC? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section!

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