Jorge Masvidal questions Colby Covington’s heart ahead of UFC 272: “Every time he gets touched, he folds”

Jorge Masvidal
Image Credit: UFC

Jorge Masvidal doesn’t think Colby Covington has a dog inside him.

Masvidal and Covington are former roommates and training partners that have turned into bitter enemies and will now settle their differences at UFC 272. It’s a highly anticipated fight but the oddsmakers have Covington as a sizeable favorite but for “Gamebred” he expects to break him.

“He might be a decent athlete, but he’s never had the heart and spirit. Every time he gets touched, he folds. He can be the hammer, but he’s never been able to be the nail,” Masvidal said on ESPN. “He knows when it comes to this (shows his hand) I’m going to f*****g crack him and keep cracking him. It doesn’t matter if you are winning four rounds, winning one round he knows I’m a dog, and the second I have a f*****g chance to f*****g break his little, brittle face, I am.

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“He knows from working out with me when I was at 155 that I f*****g hit like a truck, man. And now I’m at 170, I’m going to f*****g break his face,” Masvidal continued. “You’re going to wake up Monday, I swear to you, I’m prophesizing this now, in the f*****g ER still, my brother, in critical condition. We both know it. I can’t wait to break those f*****g fake news teeth off f*****g face. I’m glad you got money and are spending it in the wrong place, b***h. Keep smiling, I’m going to break those f*****g veneers right off your f*****g face.”

There is no question the rivalry between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington is as real as it gets. These two genuinely don’t like one another and “Gamebred” is hoping to beat “Chaos” badly. Covington, meanwhile, has violent plans as well as he says UFC 272 will serve as Masvidal’s funeral as this will be the final fight of his career.

What do you make of Jorge Masvidal blasting Colby Covington?

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