Jon Jones goes off on steroid accusations and defends his legacy

By Chris Taylor - October 24, 2016

Fans of Jon “Bones” Jones received some good news earlier today.

Jon Jones

Jones’ attorney Howard Jacobs revealed to MMAFighting’s Luke Thomas some positive information regarding Jon’s failed drug tests at UFC 200:

“It came from a product that Jon took that was not labeled with either of these substances. We had it tested, the product was contaminated with both of them. I know USADA also independently had the product tested; their testing confirms what we found.”

With that said, Jacobs expects that Jones’ suspension will be reduced or nullified all together.

“It should definitely lead to a significant reduction, that’s our position. The way the anti-doping rules, at least with the UFC program, are written, they mirror the World Anti-Doping Code to some extent. There are some differences but essentially in a case like this you can’t argue that you have no fault if you take a supplement or product that’s contaminated but you can argue that you’re not significantly at fault, which gives you the ability to argue for a reduced sanction. So the sanction range under the UFC rules would be between a warning.”

Following the news that his failed drug tests were caused by a tainted supplement, Jonny Bones took to Twitter where he defended his legacy as one of the sports greatest fighters:

“Steroids didn’t give me the believe that I am the baddest fm on this planet”

“It didn’t give me the heart to pull off victories in the last minutes of championship fights.”

“Steroids will never give you a high IQ of the game. It won’t increase your awareness or your timing.”

“It won’t make you more technical”

“It didn’t give me the idea to set my mind to a goal, to follow my dreams and bust my ass every day in the gym.”

“I know that I’ve earned every inch of my success, every match ever won”

“Earning this high place in sports gives me the confidence and courage to know that I can do the same in my life”

“I know that I have something extremely powerful inside of me, I have the power to achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Who would you like to see Jon Jones fight when he makes his highly anticipated octagon return?


Jon Jones