Get Ready to Meet “New Joanna” At UFC 205

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Since joining the UFC in mid-2014, strawweight striker Joanna Jedrzejczyk has established herself as one of the best fighters on earth, and as one the sport’s brightest shining stars.

In her first two fights with the organization, she took decisions from Juliana Lima in Claudia Gadelha. In her third fight in the Octagon, she claimed the strawweight title with a second-round destruction of former champ Carla Esparza. From there, she would go on to defend the title three times, first TKOing Jessica Penne, then decisioning Valerie Letourneau, and finally defeating Claudia Gadelha in a hard-fought rematch in her most recent fight.

Today, the dynamic strawweight queen is just days away from her fourth title defense, which will see her take on fellow undefeated Polish fighter Karolina Kowalkiewicz. The two talents will compete in the first of UFC 205‘s whopping three title fights.

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Despite the mountainous talent of the challenger Kowalkiewicz, Jedrzejczyk has been pegged as a significant betting favorite in the lead-up this bout. Her accomplishments as strawweight queen assured this would be the case from the moment the bout was announced.

If Jedrzejczyk is to be believed, however, she still hasn’t shown the best version of herself. In a recent interview with SportsNet, the champ explained that her partnership with sport nutrition company Perfecting Athletes has her feeling like a “New Joanna” ahead of her fight.

“We were trying to work together for a long time, but I had a good relationship with my old nutritionist,” Jedrzejczyk said. “Sometimes you are in a personal relationship with someone and you think everything is perfect and that you don’t want to leave this person but it isn’t good. Sometimes we fighters must do what Chris Weidman said and be selfish. We must think about ourselves and our job.”

“The thing is there are so many people that are working towards my success,” she continued.  “My doctors, my nutritionist, my coaches, my sparring partners, my agents and my managers. The thing is though, on the day of the fight there is only me and my opponent you know. [So] before the fight I need to make sure that everything is good and everyone is doing a good job for me.”

“I feel the difference already,” Jedrzejczyk said of her experience with her new nutritionists. “I feel the difference since working with Perfecting Athletes. My body has changed, I’m more strong and I feel great at the weigh-ins and the weight cuts are going smooth and easy. They are the best people in the business probably.” 

Joanna Jedrzejczyk Jessica Penne

Jedrzejczyk also touched on her recent move to American Top Team. Though she has admitted this move, which plucked her from her longtime home in Poland, was a little difficult, she also says its been very fruitful.

“I’m very happy I made this decision [to move to ATT],” Jedrzejczyk said. “I spent seven weeks at ATT with Mike Brown and all the other top coaches. The facilities are very nice, top level coaches, top level fighters and sparring partners. It’s a great place to be for every athlete and every champion.”

Jedrzejczyk has already proven her ferocity in the Octagon. What terrifying feats of violence do you think this “New Joanna” will be capable of? Sound off, PENN Nation!