Reebok sponsorship is a major factor in Georges St-Pierre’s return to fighting in the UFC

By Russell Ess - April 13, 2016

The Reebok sponsorship deal was made after former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre’s last fight in the Octagon, which took place back in 2013.

Georges St-Pierre

With rumors of his return to the Octagon, “Rush” spoke with RDS and said that he has been in talks with the UFC, but the two parties are going back and forth with contract negotiations (translated by Bloody Elbow).

“I am not able to tell you a scoop, if there is any news it is the UFC that will decide to release it,” St-Pierre said in French. “I can say that I am on good terms with them. But we sometimes do not agree on some things.”

RDS reported that “currently one of the main points of dispute, whereas before, it was the quality of drug testing that was the subject of the friction between the two parties. The UFC banned athletes from wearing on their jerseys any logos other than that Reebok with a few exceptions, such as Monster energy drink.”

St-Pierre says that the Reebok deal is just one of the things that is hindering his comeback to the compete in the Octagon.

“There are many things, but I won’t go into detail,” St-Pierre said. “My contract is very old. It was done even before Reebok entered the UFC, so there are several things that come into play.”

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