Michael Bisping to GSP: “Sign the Papers Buddy”

ufc middleweight champion Michael Bisping

Yesterday, we reported that UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was being considered as an addition to UFC 206, which is, at the moment, undeniably short on big names. Though Bisping denied these reports, there still seems to be significant reason to believe he could wind up on the card – perhaps against welterweight legend Georges St-Pierre.

In a recent interview with Sport360, Bisping explained that he’d recently spoken with UFC president Dana White about the construction of his next fight.

“Dana White was texting me while I was in the air so I had some very interesting news regarding my next fight,” Bisping said of his correspondence with the UFC president, which occured on a flight to Dubai. 

The middleweight king also explained that, despite his recent war with rival Dan Henderson, he’s pretty much in fighting shape – which could allow for a fight at UFC 206 this December 10.

“I had a CT scan after the fight, and I’m all good,” the middleweight champion explained. “There’s some misinformation going around. I don’t know where they’re all getting it, but they are incorrect. I’m good, I’m healthy.”

“My leg is a little bruised, but a bit of ice and a few more days, and I’ll be good to go,” he continued.

ufc welterweght championship fight

In this interview, Bisping also commented on St-Pierre’s recent assertion that he was a free agent – which has since been refuted by the UFC, and could lead to a drawn-out legal battle between the two parties. Whatever the future holds for St-Pierre, Bisping said he’d still love to fight him.

“Honestly, I don’t know anything about the situation,” Bisping explained. “Georges talked about fighting me a while ago and I’d love to fight the guy. It’d be terrific for me business-wise, and I also think I’d beat the guy.

“Of course it’s a good fight for me so it’s down to him,” the champ continued. “I’m here if you want to fight Georges, let’s go. Sign the papers buddy. That’s all you’ve got to do.”

Georges St-Pierre post fight victory

Bisping was last seen in action earlier this month, when he made the first successful defense of his middleweight title with a contentious decision defeat of Dan Henderson. With that win, he became the winningest fighter in UFC history.

St-Pierre, who is the second-winningest fighter in UFC history, has not been seen since late 2013, when he scored a debatable decision win of his own over Johny Hendricks.

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