UFC 211 Results: Frankie Edgar TKO’s Yair Rodriguez (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - May 13, 2017

UFC 211 Results: Frankie Edgar vs. Yair Rodriguez

Yair Rodriguez

A key featherweight tilt between former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and surging contender Yair Rodriguez took place during tonight’s UFC 211 pay-per-view card in Dallas, Texas.

Round one begins and Edgar presses forward quickly. Yair connects with a leg kick and Frankie replies with a right hand. Yair misses with a front kick but lands a knee. Frankie attempts to shoot in for a takedown but it is defended well by Rodriguez. Yair looks to secure a guillotine choke. He drops down but Frankie pulls his head out and winds up on top. Yair is landing some elbows from the bottom. Frankie postures up and begins raining down some punches. Classic Edgar ground and pound at the moment. Punches and elbows are landing from full guard. Frankie covers the mouth of Yair and then lands a pair of elbows. Yair throws up a hammer fist. Frankie postures up and throws down a huge combination. Rodriguez is busted up. Round one comes to an end.

Round two begins and Yair throws a big spinning back kick. Frankie shoots in and scores a takedown. Yair immediately rolls for a leg. He has a knee bar. He switches to a heel hook and then back to a knee bar and it is deep. Frankie is able to break free and winds up on top. He lands a big left and then another. Elbows now and they are connecting with the damaged eye of Rodriguez. That left eye looks completely shut at this point. More big shots from Edgar. Yair is looking for a triangle. More shots from the top by Frankie. Round two comes to an end.

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