Frank Mir and team personally thanked referee for calling end to bout with Mark Hunt

By Russell Ess - March 21, 2016

We didn’t get to hear a lot from former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir after falling to the heavy hands of Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 85, which took place in Brisbane, Australia over the weekend.

Hunt delivered a thudding blow to Mir that sunk him to the canvas and simply walked away knowing the former champ was not in any safe condition to continue the fight.

Some have argued that referee Marc Goddard should not have called off the fight as Mir was not laid out unconscious and some believed he still had a chance to recover.

Goddard replied to a twitter comment following the fight and says that Mir himself as well as the Mir camp thanked him for making the right call in stopping the fight.

Goddard replied to a tweet that said, Another way of saying ‘Mir should been allowed to pull guard’ is ‘Hunt should have been given chance to land more bombs’. Good stoppage”

Goddard’s response was, “@johnjoeoregan lmao bro tell me about it. It’s truly fu#%*n UNBELIEVABLE! Frank and his team personally thanked me for stopping it.”

Goddard also tweeted directly to Frank Mir saying, “Great to talk with you post fight @thefrankmir and thank you kindly for your words from you and your team. All the very best to you.”

What are your thoughts on walk-off knockouts? Anderson Silva did the same thing against Michael Bisping recently but the fight was not stopped and he ended up losing to Bisping via decision.

Let’s hear what you have to say in the comment section regarding the matter.

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