EXCLUSIVE | Yoel Romero details what went wrong for Ronda Rousey at UFC 207

By Chris Taylor - January 7, 2017

Former UFC champion Ronda Rousey made her highly anticipated return at December’s UFC 207 event where she squared off with Amanda Nunes for the promotions women’s bantamweight championship.

Yoel Romero

Unfortunately for fans of “Rowdy”, the fight did not go at all her way, as she was finished by “The Lioness” in just 48-seconds by way of TKO.

Following the December 30 fight many fans, analysts and fellow fighters were quick to comment on Rousey’s UFC 207 performance.

BJPENN.com’s Chris Taylor recently interviewed top UFC middleweight contender Yoel Romero who shared his thoughts on Rousey’s UFC 207 performance and what she needs to do better going forward.

“My humble opinion is that in Ronda’s case and her technique, she needs to improve on her boxing. Completely and totally her boxing. When we speak about boxing people think it just about punching but you and I both know that it is not. Boxing is dancing. And to be able to dance you have to learn how to move your feet. Know where you are going to place your feet and that is just one of the things she hasn’t been taught.”

He continued:

“When she came out of her corner, what was the first thing that I noticed? Her feet. You could tell that she was the exact same person who fought with Holly Holm. And I realized in my head very quick that she (Ronda) was going to be in problems. And that is exactly when all of those heavy punches came.”

Romero believes that if Ronda Rousey learned how to utilize footwork, she could become a completely different fighter.

“Everybody thinks that it was just the punches, but what was causing Ronda the most issues was what I said in the beginning that she doesn’t know how to use her feet. If she doesn’t want to change her trainer, then her trainer needs to get with an old-school boxer or get close to an old-school boxer and start fixing that detail. That great detail that is causing Rousey to lose her fights. Her lack of footwork. If she fixes that technical aspect she could become a completely new fighter.”

With that said, “The Soldier of God” has nothing but respect and love for Ronda Rousey.

“Now in respect to Ronda. She is always going to have my love, my affection and respect. I hold her in very high regard. When you speak about MMA and especially female MMA you have to a face on that flag and that flag will always say Ronda Rousey. She wasn’t just the face of women’s MMA, she got to be the face of MMA. Reaching greater heights than some of the best men to ever compete. I still have not even come close to being a face for the UFC. Many fighters finish their careers in UFC and in other promotions and never get to be the face of MMA. She did that.”

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