Maycee Barber says the people who thought she lost at UFC San Antonio are “uneducated,” remains focused on getting rematch with Alexa Grasso

By Cole Shelton - March 31, 2023

Maycee Barber thinks it was clear that she beat Andrea Lee at UFC San Antonio.

Maycee Barber

In the fight, Lee got timely takedowns and controlled Barber, but she didn’t land many strikes from the top. Instead, it was Barber landing elbows and creating damage from the bottom, which ‘The Future’ knows is one of the main credentials for how judges score fights.

“We thought she would stand and strike a little more and stay in the fire. At the same time, she wrestled me and I had to adapt,” Barber said to “She did catch me off guard with the wrestling, but the fact is, it’s one thing to wrestle and it’s another to wrestle to finish and win and not just hold someone down. A little bit frustrating but I was able to do something with her takedowns. It is what it is, we got the win.”

When the fight went to the scorecards, Barber was confident she would get her hand raised as she felt she did more damage throughout the contest. But, since the fight, she has seen people suggesting Lee should have won, but Barber thinks those fans are uneducated and don’t know how judges score fights.

“I mean, a lot of uneducated people are going to think that. Everybody that I talk to or all the people that I have seen and heard that are actually knowledgable in MMA know the difference. They know what’s more important,” Barber explained. “Takedowns or damage? Damage is more important. There are going to be a lot of uneducated fight fans or uneducated people that are going to be haters. People love to hate, if someone is having success and they are riding a wave, everyone wants to make you crash. When you are up high, people want to see you fall. It’s sad but that is the way the world is. My bank account tells me that I won so that’s all that matters.”

With Maycee Barber getting the win, ‘The Future’ extended her win streak to four in a row. She is also ranked in the top 10 and with her not taking much damage she hopes to make a quick turnaround.

“I have a couple of little things that I am going to have looked at. As long as everything checks out as far as scans go, I would love a quick turnaround,” Barber said. “It’s just a matter of me not saying, I want to fight this day because ideally, I would love to, but I don’t want to start that process and then I can’t fight then. If everything checks out and is good, I would love to have a five, six, seven-week turnaround and fight really fast.”

Assuming Barber is completely healthy, the goal is to fight someone ranked above her, but she doesn’t care who it is. Instead, she says her main focus is getting a rematch with Alexa Grasso so who she fights next isn’t a concern as long as it helps her get closer to the rematch.

“I don’t know as if I care (who’s next). The fight that I’ve been wanting back (is Alexa Grasso) so everything I do is pushing toward that,” Barber concluded. “I want to get that rematch someday, hopefully, it’s not the next fight but the fight after. But Alexa is at the top, she is going to have her rematch with Valentina, and I think for me, just figuring out the right path to get to that. We will see who’s available.”

Who would you like to see Maycee Barber fight next?

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