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EXCLUSIVE | Max Griffin not happy ‘piece of s**t’ Mike Perry has gotten bigger fights than him

In February of 2018 at UFC on FOX 28, fan favorite welterweight Mike Perry fought Max Griffin.

Many expected Perry to beat Griffin, however, that was not the case. Griffin ended up surprising many by defeating Perry by unanimous decision in Perry’s hometown of Orlando. However, since this fight, Perry has gotten the bigger fights, not Griffin.

For example, Perry’s following fights were against Paul Felder and Donald Cerrone — two big names. Griffin’s next fight, meanwhile, was against Curtis Millender, and he is now set to fight Thiago Alves on Saturday. Seeing Perry getting bigger names than him is something that bothers Griffin.

“He is a piece of shit man. People like him, but we will see. After this fight, people are going to see. They act like that fight never happened,” Griffin said to BJPENN.com. “They act like I never whopped his ass like that. He has lost three of his last four, and barely beating Paul Felder. He has his mouth on him. I just think it is his douchiness. It is what it is, I can’t worry about anyone else. I’m going to do my thing.”

Doing his thing will be beating Alves on Saturday. Griffin is confident he will leave Brazil with his hand raised. However, he understands Alves is a tough competitor but is prepared to bring the fight to him and get the win.

Once he does that, he believes the UFC will have no choice but to give him big names like they do with Perry.

“We’ll see man. Even for Mike Perry, he got beat twice in a row, Ponzi beat him, I beat him, and he barely beat Paul Felder,” he said. “Then, he got beat by Cerrone. It is like, they are giving him all these names. They are not going to have a choice to give me a name after this.”

While Griffin is clearly not a Mike Perry fan, right now, the focus is on Saturday and beating Alves.

What do you make of Max Griffin’s comments about Mike Perry?

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 1/30/2019

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM