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EXCLUSIVE | Louis Fisette’s Official TUF 18 Episode 12 Blog For BJPENN.COM

Louis “Petit Pain” Fisette (6-1 MMA) is one of the youngest talents in MMA’s rich 135-pound division. The 23 year-old Canadian bantamweight is a contestant on this season of (TUF:18) The Ultimate Fighter: Tate vs. Rousey.

Here is what Louis had to say about Week 12 of his ‘TUF’ experience:

So finally we get to see the coaches challenge! This was one of the most exciting days for us in the house. There was so much build-up, but no one told us what the challenge would be. It was nice to have all the pressure on the coaches, and none on us. As soon as we walked through the doors at the Mandalay bay, I knew it would be hard for Miesha to win this challenge. With Ronda’s Judo background, I knew her grip strength would play a big part in this challenge. I mean if you look at Ronda, clearly she has a ton of upper body strength.  Again a big asset in rock climbing… So even before the competition started, Ronda had a certain advantage. I knew Miesha would bust her ass up that wall, but could she match Ronda’s power? It was basically neck and neck all the way up till I think Miesha’s arms slowed down a bit. Ronda just kept using her upper body to power up the wall and ended up squeaking out the win. It was too bad, I mostly felt bad for Miesha. She wanted to win so badly, and she barely lost. I know she did her best, so I was just happy she pushed hard. Some people were pissed we lost, but it didn’t bother me much. What am I gonna do? Be upset with Miesha for losing? HELL NO! She did her best and that’s good enough for me.

As for the fight. OH WAIT, what fight? I still can’t believe Anthony missed weight… After getting a pass into the semis, he does that. I mean again shit happens, but still, after Cody missing weight I thought he would have been a bit more disciplined. He is young and a little immature, but I think it was really he just screwed up. You know people were on him to clean up his act. But he wasn’t interested in hearing any of it. I don’t like people keeping tabs on me either. So he did what he wanted and paid the price. It sucks to see another housemate go. I really did feel bad for him. I think it’s somewhat human nature to feel bad for someone who just crushed their own dreams.

I’ll be honest, at one point yea I was like “so you think I’m the weakest link? Well screw that, you don’t even have the strength to make weight!” But, I got over that quick. You could see the pain in his eyes when he knew it was over. And I mean I did still like the guy. He’s a good guy, just screwed up. Unfortunate for him, but the next semi-final match will be awesome. I guarantee that!

Louis Fisette

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