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EXCLUSIVE | Colby Covington explains how his altercation with Abdelaziz and Usman started

Colby Covington didn’t fight at UFC 235, yet he still managed to generate many of the event’s biggest headlines.

The day after the event, for example, video was released of Covington, Ali Abdelaziz, and Kamaru Usman getting into an altercation in the Palms Casino and Resort (see it here).

Following that incident, questions still linger as to how the altercation started. On the latest episode of BJPENN Radio, Colby Covington gave his take on how it all went down.

“It was completely to their side, they approached me looking to get a reaction out of me. Obviously, they want me to swing,” Covington told host Jason Kindschy on the show. “You know they came up to me because they’re threatened now. Now they’ve realized that I’m the guy in the way to take everything that they worked for, so of course, they’re gonna try and come to me and get me to — hopefully I’ll swing on them and lose my title shot but it wasn’t gonna happen man. All I was doing, Jason, was sitting in the buffet line trying to get some crab legs, man. Is there something wrong man? Can I get some crab legs before I get on my flight back to South Florida and all my beautiful b*****s in Miami? It’s unbelievable.

“You got the Sasquatch dude, Snoozeman’s buddy, he comes up, puts hands on me, pushes me. I’m like ‘Oh yeah what are you gonna do dude?’ And then Ali comes over. He tries to take a swing on me and of course, my cat-like reflexes, he’s not gonna hit me you know, so I get out of the way,” Covington continued. “And then Ali’s acting all tough. Usman’s jumping over barriers. It’s hilarious. He was just getting wheel chaired the night before to his press conference, but then the next day he’s jumping over barriers.

“And then my friend folded Ali, and Ali punched my friend in the side of the head like three or four f*****g times, like hard. What the f**k are you doing dude? We’re professionals, you’re a manager! How embarrassing, a f*****g manager is punching some random guy in a buffet line. Like that’s embarrassing. This guy should be deported back to whatever country he snitched on, what was it, Egypt or whatever? Was that the country he snitched on? I don’t know, but he’s an FBI informant, he’s a little terrorist rat, so he needs to get deported out of this country.

“But, you know, Snoozeman man, all that energy, he was so low energy when he got face to face,” Colby Covington concluded. “Once he looked in my eyes and realized that he’s dealing with the man now, I saw a lot of scaredness. You know it’s hilarious, Jason: I haven’t heard a peep out of him since that day. Where’s all his interviews? Why hasn’t he said anything?”

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 3/21/2019

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM