EXCLUSIVE | Alex Morono hoping to fight Diego Sanchez next

Alex Morono

Alex Morono is now ready to call fighters out after being called out for his last fight.

Morono, who is coming off of a first-round win over Zak Ottow is ready to fight a legend in the sport in Diego Sanchez.

“There are so many guys I want to fight but we are really going to push for that Diego Sanchez fight,” Morono said to BJPENN.com. “I think that would be a really fun fight and it is awesome to see him on a roll. I have never said no to anyone they have offered and I have taken fights on short notice. I’m sure whatever comes next will be agreeable.”

The fight would no doubt pose challenges to Morono. In his last fight, he showed just how good he is on the ground. But Sanchez has never been submitted before in his career and Morono knows just how good Sanchez is standing, too. But for him, that isn’t a worry.

“No, you know what, that was the first fight at a high level that I did damage on the ground,” he said. “Everyone asks me why I prefer to kickbox and I never knew the damage I could do on the ground. I had so much confidence in my standup game. I think the fight with Diego could go anywhere. That is nothing I have thought about and I don’t think it would matter.”

Ultimately, Alex Morono is pushing for that fight against Diego Sanchez. The hope is he can get that fight sometime soon.

“I had to get an MRI afterward and I have a small little tweak that I don’t need surgery to fix,” Morono said. “We decided to just rehab it so that is four weeks. Really anytime after April, I am hoping to fight again. 

Morono knows a win over a Sanchez can help boost his name and possibly add a number beside his name which is the ultimate goal.

Would you be interested in seeing Alex Morono fight Diego Sanchez next?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 3/18/2019.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM