Colby Covington suggests winner take all fight with Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal, Colby Covington

Colby Covington is interested in a winner take all fight with his former friend and training partner Jorge Masvidal.

Covington and Masvidal spent many years as stablemates at American Top Team in Florida, but as the pair reached the top of the UFC welterweight division, they relationship began to fray. Today, they’re two of the fiercest rivals in MMA.

Covington has made no secret of the fact that he’s interested in settling his beef with Masvidal in the cage. So far, however, the matchup has failed to materialize.

Speaking on the lates episode of Radio, Covington suggested some interesting stakes in an effort to coax Masvidal into accepting a fight with him.

I think it’s sad because UFC gave Jorge a great price,” Covington said. “They gave him a great price. He just didn’t want to take the ass whooping. There ain’t no amount of money that Street Judas is going to get offered to get in the cage with me because he knows we ain’t talking about pay checks. We talking about him going to the morgue.

“Honestly, if me and Jorge fought, we could do it all or nothing—put all our pay check to the winner. I don’t need nothing if I lose, but I know I’m not going to lose, so I’m not really too worried. Let’s see how confident he is then. Let’s see how confident he is then as a BMF. He’s a scared motherfucker. He ain’t a BMF. He’s an SMF. His 15 seconds of fame are over. He’s a broke motherfucker, and soon enough, he’s going to be coming, crawling out of his little hole, begging to fight me.”

As Covington suggests, Masvidal is currently embroiled in a public contract dispute with the UFC. Masvidal was expected to get the next crack at UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman, but negotiations or the fight ultimately stalled, and the opportunity went to Gilbert Burns, who will fight Usman at UFC 251 on July 11.

Covington feels Masvidal’s contract gripes are unjustified, and that his rival is already overpaid as is.

“I can’t relate anything with Jorge,” Covington said. “I think that he’s been overpaid as it is. I think he got a fake participation Bernie Sanders trophy as it is. He got paid to fight Nate Diaz, the soy boy. You should never be paid to fight Nate Diaz. That guy’s washed up, 20 years past his prime, double digit losses, 50-50 fighter. For you to get paid as good as you got paid to fight Nate Diaz, you should be sending letters to Dana White every week, like, ‘thank you so much, Dana, for giving me that free money.’

“Now take your ass whooping to Kamaru Usman or me, and your fame is up,” Covington added. “No one cares about you. Everybody knows you hit lightning in a bottle. We know you ain’t ready to capitalize. You’re not the best fighter in the world, because if you were, you’d step up to the plate and try and get the real world championship.”

Do you want to see Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal settle their differences in the cage?

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