UFC Atlantic City Results: Kevin Lee smashes Edson Barboza (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - April 21, 2018

UFC Atlantic City Results: Kevin Lee smashes Edson Barboza

Kevin Lee

A key lightweight bout between perennial division contenders Kevin Lee and Edson Barboza served as the headliner of tonight’s UFC Fight Night 128 event in Atlantic City.

Kevin Lee missed weight for tonight’s fight with Barboza and was thus fined 20% of his fight purse.

Round one begins and Barboza immediately fires off a high kick which is blocked by Lee. Kevin circles and then comes forward with pair of jabs. He lands a low kick and then shoots in and executes a beautiful double leg takedown. Lee is working from Edson’s full guard just one minute into the opening round. Lee moves to half guard and begins raining down some big shots. Barboza attempts to scramble and is able to get back to full guard. Lee postures up and lands a pair of big punches. Lee moves to side control but Edson quickly scrambles back to half guard. Lee moves to full mount and begins raining down some big punches. Lee switches to elbows and Barboza is in all sorts of trouble. More punches from Lee. He is battering Barboza here. Edson has some massive welts on his face. Just over one minute remains. Lee unloads some big hammer fists. Barboza is able to scramble back to full guard but he is still in a world of hurt. Massive elbows from Lee now. He looks fantastic. He moves to full mount. Nasty elbows from Kevin Lee now. He is peppering Barboza. The horn sounds to end round one.

Round two begins and Kevin Lee comes out with a head kick. He pushes Edson up against the cage but the Brazilian is able to avoid a trip and break free. Lee with more pressure he corners Barboza and then picks him up and slams him to the floor. Kevin Lee is working from the full guard of Edson now. He lands a left hand. Lee postures up and then unloads some big right hands. He is working hard from the top. Lee once again moves to full mount and begins unloading punches. Barboza scrambles back to half guard but is still in a bad spot against the cage. Lee once again moves to mount and begins dropping elbows. He looks to lock up a guillotine but gives up on the submission attempt in favor of punches. Huge elbows from Lee now. The referee is taking a good look now. Barboza is allowed to continue and Lee just continues to hammer on him with right hands. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Edson Barboza is able to connect with a hard kick to the body. Lee chases after him but gets caught with a spinning high kick. That absolutely wobbles Lee. He is out on his feet. Barboza looks to pounce on him but he’s grappling and should opt to stand up. Lee gathers his wits and ends up dragging Barboza to the floor. Kevin with some big shots from the top. Barboza scrambles and gets back to his feet. Edson looks tired but he is still in this fight. Lee comes forward with a pair of jabs that find a home. More shots from Kevin Lee. He is landing his jab at will now. Barboza just misses with a flying knee. Lee comes forward and lands another jab. A big body kick lands for Lee. Edson responds with a hard low kick and then one to the body. Lee goes for a head kick which is blocked. He lands a right hand and the horn sounds to end round three.

Round four begins and both men come out swinging wildly. The Brazilian lands a big kick to the body and then a head kick. Both men are exchanging crazy punches. Lee shoots in and scores a much needed takedown. He begins working from full guard with some strikes to the body. Lee continues to work and keep this fight from being stood up. The crowd is chanting for the referee to “stand them up” but Lee is staying to busy for that. He continues to bash Edson’s face with his right hand. Just over two minutes remain in the fourth of five rounds. Lee moves to full mount and begins raining down shots. That forces Edson to scramble and he gets back to half guard. Kevin once again steps into mount and begins unloading some more big right hammer fists. Edson once again scrambles and gets back to half guard. Lee steps over and unloads another plethora of strikes. Barboza is all sorts of busted up now. Lee begins searching for a submission. The horns sounds to end round four.

Round five begins and both men land jabs early. Barboza goes to the body with a punch. He eats a big jab from Lee. Kevin presses forward but Barboza catches him with a spinning kick to the body. Kevin Lee eats it and continues to press forward. He lands a jab. Barboza responds with a left hand and then a low kick. Another low kick from Edson. Kevin Lee shoots in but his takedown is defended well by Edson. Lee continues to search for the takedown but cannot secure it. The referee calls the doctor in to take a look at Barboza and they commission calls the fight off. What a performance from Kevin Lee!

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