Edson Barboza thinks his leg kicks have scared off potential opponents

By Tom Taylor - December 7, 2016

Edson Barboza, who currently holds the number-5 spot in the stacked UFC lightweight division, is known as one of the best leg-kickers in the game. In fact, he might just be the best leg-kicker in MMA outright. Time after time, the Brazilian has dazzled fans and bewildered his opponents by bludgeoning legs into useless stumps of bruised flesh.

Unfortunately, Barboza is starting to think his fearsome leg kick game is scaring off his prospective opponents.

“You know, I was sitting here thinking about when my next fight might be – and against who – when it dawned on me, no one ever challenges me,” Barboza explained to  MMAjunkie in a recent inteview. “I see all these guys talking about each other, this and that, but not one of them mentions Edson Barboza. I guess maybe they think that if they just don’t talk about me, me and my leg kicks will go away.”

Though he is reluctant to talk trash Barboza went on to drop a few names specifically, referencing fighters he’d love to fight, but has had no luck getting booked against.

“People think that maybe Khabib [Nurmagomedov] is stylistically the worst matchup out there for me,” Barboza said. “Well, guess what? I asked my manager to push me to fight him [at UFC 205]. No disrespect to him, but I guess he picked the easier fighter in Michael Johnson, and I really cant blame him, or anyone else for that matter. Guys who fight me, winning or losing, come out all banged up.”

Edson Barboza wins

“I think I should fight one of the top-ranked guys in my division,” Barboza said. “If there is any logic to this game anymore, that’s what should happen. Michael Chiesa? Nate Diaz? Where are you guys? Come on. Let’s put on a show!”

Barboza went on to joke that he’s even willing to dial back the leg kicks – or remove them from his arsenal altogether – if it means someone will be willing to fight him.

“Maybe I should stop kicking guys’ legs black and blue,” Barboza said with a laugh. “I know my kicks are evil, but I am a good guy. Maybe I’ll just have to agree to go easy on guys?

“I’ll agree to five kicks per round. Or maybe l’ll just have to box and wrestle. Whatever it takes. I respectfully would like to fight you gentlemen.”

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