Eddie Alvarez rips Conor McGregor: He’s not a championship fighter

While Conor McGregor’s performance in the main event of UFC 202, during his fight with Nate Diaz, may have won over a lot of MMA fans, UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez was not impressed.

McGregor, who gassed early in the fight, but was able to catch a second wind, was ultimately awarded a majority decision after two of the three judges cageside scored the fight 48-47.

During the Anik and Florian podcast, Eddie Alvarez even went as far as to say that Conor McGregor isn’t a championship fighter:

“Honestly, the first round it all looked good but I’ve said it a million times, he’s just not a championship fighter. Not a five, 5-minute round fighter. Never has been, never will be. Some guys can have the chops for it and some guys don’t. I’ve said it from the beginning, I looked at him as a three, 5-minute round fighter and that’s where he’ll be, that’s where he should stay. I think he’s good. I think anything past 8-9 minutes it just starts to look sloppy and looks a little messy.”

“I’ve fought the best guys in the world…I look up to a lot of the guys I fight. I see them as some of the best guys. I try to challenge myself against them. But when I beat a legit guy who I feel has taken his time in this sport and is a real fighter and then I get done with the fight and I get asked about this Irish dude it’s really kind of disappointing to me…because the guys I’ve fought were way higher caliber than this guy.”