VIDEO | ‘Pissed off Cowboy’ Donald Cerrone ready to beat up Leon Edwards

By Drake Riggs - June 19, 2018

Donald Cerrone, UFC Singapore

“Yo, Leon [Edwards], there is no need for us to be angry with each other right now. He called me old and slow. So I told him, ‘you’re gonna have to go home an tell your momma that an old slow man beat your ass.

Leon Edwards, young, up-and-coming fighter… He does not want to play fair. He wants to just run his mouth and tell the world about all the things he is going to do to me. It’s good, go ahead. I tried to be cordial, I tried to be cool. Now you’re just getting a pissed off Cowboy and I don’t even have to talk to you after I beat your ass, so that’s cool.”

Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone is back. In the main event of the UFC’s return to Singapore this Saturday, he’ll be taking on rising welterweight contender, Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards.

One of the many outspoken Brits in the world of MMA, Edwards has seemed to have gotten under Cowboy’s skin a bit and it will be interesting to see if that works in his favor come fight night.

For Edwards, this will be the highest profile fight of his career and one that Cerrone sees ending as they usually do for him…by knockout.

“I think Leon’s gonna really try and attack me early and attack me fast. He’s never been five rounds and he gets dog-ass tired in all his fights. I get stronger and harder as the rounds go on anyway so he’s just gonna lose his steam and I’m gonna pick it up.

I’ll beat Leon when he wears down. It’ll probably be a knockout, I bet. Hit him to the body. He goes down, I’mma knock ’em out.

There’s nothing Leon’s gonna show me that I’ve never seen. I’m beating Leon, A. cause he’s a dick and 2. cause I’m coming to get the belt.”

A win for Cowboy would put him back onto his first winning streak since 2016 whereas Edwards would be extending his to six straight.


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