VIDEO | Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone shows off nasty injury, claims to have almost lost his eye


Well Fuck!!!

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We all know Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone leads an action-packed life. When he’s not making his living as a professional fighter, he can be found scuba diving, bull-riding, hunting, sky diving, dirt biking and engaging in any other activity that causes his heart rate to accelerate and his adrenaline to spike.

If his latest post to Instagram is to be believed, Cowboy has finally paid for his daredevil lifestyle with an incredibly gruesome injury to his right eye. In this post, which can be viewed above, the welterweight star shows off this grisly wound, claiming to have just emerged from a long stretch on the operating table during which doctors miraculously managed to save his eye.

While this video is immediately shocking, the reasons not to take it too seriously become clear pretty quickly.

First of all, we know that Cowboy is currently filming a TV Western that surely has the kind of makeup and special effects departments capable of decking him out with a wound as authentic looking as the one in the video. Then, of course, there’s the fact that the fan favorite is still covered in blood despite claiming to have just left the operating room. You’d think his doctors would at least have the sense to dress his wounds! And finally, there’s the fact that Cowboy claims his fight with Matt Brown, which is scheduled for UFC 206 in just a few weeks time, is still on. We here are have a hard time believing any athletic commission would allow Cowboy to compete so soon after he sustained such a horrifying injury.

What do you make of this gory video from Cowboy? Is the fan favorite messing with us, or did he really injure himself? Sound off, PENN Nation!

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