VIDEO | “Cowboy” Cerrone Recounts a Near-Death Experience That Occured LAST WEEK

By Tom Taylor - November 4, 2016

It’s no secret that Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone lives an absolutely wild life outside the cage. When the fan favorite welterweight isn’t fighting or training, he can generally be found wake boarding, hunting, fishing, hang-gliding,  dirt biking, scuba diving – or hanging out with Donald Trump.

Given Cowboy’s adrenaline filled lifestyle, it should come as no surprise that he occasionally finds himself in some dodgy situations. According to the man himself, one of these dodgy situations occured just last week, when he and his girlfriend were scuba diving in a lake.

Cowboy recounted the experience in an appearance on FOX’s AtTheBuzzer. His words below:

“My dry suit flooded” he said. “I wasn’t very deep, 50 or 60 feet. Then my first stage blew so I had like a massive air leak, and I’m sunk at the bottom of the lake. And my regulator’s wide open flowing, just screeching air out of it.” 

Apparently, Cowboy’s girlfriend then offered him some air, but he decided on another course of action.

“I should have took her air, but I just pushed her away from me and just torpedoed and started like crawling out of the lake.”

So what was the former lightweight contender doing in the lake?

Someone hid $500 worth of silver in this lake, called Perch Lake,” he explained. “We had to find these clues and decipher all these things, and we got it, and we were going to get it. And right when I got in, boom, all this sh*t happened. That’s how scuba diving works. It snowballs. If something bad happens, one thing leads to another. So I literally just crawled out of the lake. 

“I came out with 200 PSI,” he added. “So any more time bullsh*tting and I would have been [done].”

Cowboy, of course, is scheduled to fight on the main card of UFC 205 next weekend. On the card, which will occur inside New York City’s hallowed Madison Square Garden, he’ll be taking on The Ultimate Fighter 17 winner Kelvin Gastelum in an effort to extend his welterweight streak to four straight wins.

Do you think Cowboy can take Gastelum out next Saturday? Sound off in the comments, PENN Nation!


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