Donald Cerrone has a profane message for you if you’re not watching him and Robbie Lawler fight

By Russell Ess - May 18, 2017

Robbie Lawler vs. Donald Cerrone are set to throw down in the middle of the Octagon at UFC 213. We are surely excited to see this one. Are you?

Donald Cerrone

Well, you better be, or “Cowboy” has a little message for you.

“I’m f*cking pumped,” Cerrone said during a UFC 213 press event on Wednesday (transcribed by Dave Doyle for MMA Fighting). “It’s going to be exciting, you know? I don’t even know why they need me to keep selling this fight, it’s already, if you’re not a f*cking MMA fan and watching this fight, then f*ck you.”

Robbie Lawler Donald Cerrone

Plain and simple. This is a scrap that should not disappoint any mixed martial arts fans as both Lawler and Cerrone are known for their aggressive fighting styles. This is a recipe for a great fight and Cerrone knows it.

“I’m going to fight, fight one of the best brawlers in the standup, f*cking throw down and put on a show,” Cerrone added later. “This fight’s for me. This is what I love, there’s no place I’d rather be than in that motherf**ker. And then throwing down with one of the greatest? C’mon. I’m loving it, every minute of it.”

Robbie Lawler

Lawler is coming off a championship fight loss to Tyron Woodley and is currently ranked the #3 contender in the division. Cerrone was on a fast track to climbing his way to the top of the division until he hit a wall and was stopped by Jorge Masvidal in his last fight. With a lot on the line in terms of contending for a title shot, Cerrone, who has already had a shot at a UFC title in the lightweight division isn’t all too concerned about it.

“Some people are like born, and their sole purpose is they love the belt, that’s their mission in life,” he said. “Me? I enjoy having fun and doing what I love. Fighting is just something I do, man, it’s not who I am. It doesn’t complete me. So the end of the day if I get the belt, f*cking great. If I don’t, I had such a good run and I love it. There’s literally no place I’d rather be July 8 then in the fucking ring throwing down. I love it. It’s my passion. So for me, it’s the highest pinnacle of my life, It’s my passion, doing what I love every f*cking day. People are like, Cowboy, you should probably quit drinking, you should probably quit partying. I’m like no, f*ck you all, I’m doing it my way. This is what I want to do.”

Who are you picking to win this exciting matchup? Let’s get your prediction on how and when the fight ends in the comment section!

on 5/18/2017.

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