Dana White explains why Fight Inc. docuseries won’t return

By Cole Shelton - June 27, 2024

UFC CEO Dana White says the Fight Inc. docuseries won’t return as he says it gave up too much information.

Dana White, Fight Inc.

The UFC released the three-episode series on Roku and it gave fans a behind-the-scenes curtain on how some fights were made and how the UFC goes about their business. Although the docuseries was widely loved by fans, White says it is one-and-done and won’t be brought back.

“The other thing, it’s a sliver of what really goes on. Basically, Fight Inc. covered the people who are close to me. As you can see, those people are close to me always, this is my group that is always close to me. There is so much more and so many other things that go on in the UFC, you could do 97 seasons of this. We have 609 employees, that too is a one-and-done,” White said to Barstool’s Robbie Fox.

When asked why Fight Inc. wouldn’t return, Dana White said he thought the show showed too much behind-the-scenes which is why he says it won’t return.

“I’m glad that everybody liked it and enjoyed the series. It’s too much behind the curtain for me and it’s disruptive. There are a lot of things you really can’t show. What really goes on with Sean (Shelby), Hunter (Campbell), and Mick (Maynard) on phone calls, I love the Hunter scene where Hunter gets a deal done for the heavyweight championship in a parking lot in a car, fun shit. Lenee, you can’t go into the Lenee Sean Strickland, how Lenee’s days go with the press conference. It’s too behind-the-curtain for me and it’s disruptive,” White added.

It is disappointing news for MMA fans as they enjoyed seeing how fights were made, and what Dana White goes through on a daily basis. But, fans won’t get any more behind-the-scenes stuff like that going forward.