Cyborg defends Fallon Fox’s Right to Fight Women | MMA NEWS

Invicta FC featherweight, Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos has spoken out on the issue of transgender ‘female’ MMA fighter Fallon Fox. Fox, who used to be a genetic male, is now a transgender female and is campaigning (with plenty rightful resistance) to fight females. Joe Rogan was vocal about her not fighting and brought up the fact that Fox has the bone structure and testosterone of a male.

Now, Cyborg who has been under heat since getting caught with a positive PED test, decided to defend Fox in a statement where she says she will fight anybody.

In an interview with ESPN, Santos speaks out.

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“She wants to be a girl. I don’t agree, I think you’re born a girl, you’re a girl. You’re born a guy, you’re a guy. But I don’t choose opponents. The commission needs to check and make sure she doesn’t have testosterone.”

“I’m not going to judge other people. If the commission says she can fight, why not?”

Santos said she understands what Fox must be going through.

“People tell me on Twitter: ‘I think you have a d—. A lot of bad things, they say. I think people have a small mind.”

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“They don’t think a girl can punch hard like a man. I think people are ignorant. People are stupid. I don’t want to be the same as people who do that.”

For a fighter like Santos who clearly is bigger and stronger than the average female fighter and has previously tested positive, defending Fox doesn’t exactly help her case in trying to prove she is clean. Without speaking for any specific promotion, the UFC has been extremely strict with a no tolerance policy for any drugs even Marijuana metabolites which arguably isn’t even performance enhancing.

Simply put, Fox has a long way to go before she fights a legitimate female fight in a legitimate cage.

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