Cyborg’s Coach Thinks She Could Beat Ronda Rousey, Nunes and Holm in One Night

By Justin Golightly - September 21, 2017

After the last two fights, it seemed like Ronda Rousey was done with the sport of MMA, at least for the time being. If anything, it seemed like she was inching closer to a wrestling in the WWE. However, her longtime coach Edmond Tarverdyan, recently just put it out in the news that he would still like for her to finally have the fight with Cris Cyborg. Jason Parillo, Cyborg’s coach, doesn’t think that’s a good idea at all.

Cris Cyborg

“As far as putting Cris Cyborg’s name in [Edmond Tarverdyan’s] mouth, that’s not a good idea. And god bless him, who else are you gonna call out? You should call out probably the girl, one of the last two girls [Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes] that he fought. That would probably be a better call-out. It would be more of an even match-up because the girl that he keeps calling out in Cris Cyborg, I believe would be – in an old school, back when Mark Coleman was doing it back in the day, I see Cris Cybrog beating all three of those girls in the same night, and I’m being serious when I say that. I believe that, and it’s the type of heart that Cris Cyborg has.”

“So, if we have Edmond, we got Holly Holm’s team and everybody’s team going, ‘Wait a minute, maybe we can beat her. And let’s say we can beat her’. And now you gotta’ f-cking cash the check that your mouth just f-cking wrote. You just opened up your mouth, now you gotta’ do something, which is exciting. Please, please look at the last fight of Cris Cyborg. Please, Holly Holm. Please, Edmond and Winkeljohn and the guy that talked negative about Cris and talk about how they think their fighter can beat Cris. Please, take that fight, please sign the line, please make that happen. We would love that. That gives us the attention that Cris deserves, it gives Cris the light that she needs to be in, for everybody to know exactly who she is and how bad she is.” – Jason Parillo to Submission Radio.

That oldschool tournament idea sounds awesome, but Cris Cyborg is a hard woman to book a fight for, that’s no secret. She’s the current UFC featherweight champion, but she’s the only fighter in the division. After a long back-and-forth and Cyborg constantly campaigning for a fight with Holly Holm, Jason Parillo urges everyone who talks about Cyborg to actually sign to fight her and let the words play out in reality. With two huge cards coming up, a blitzkrieg fighter like Cyborg is a sure-fire way to add excitement to any event.

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