Welterweight contender: Conor McGregor should be able to fight for whatever title he wants if he wins at UFC 196

By bjpenndotcom - March 2, 2016

After it was announced that Conor McGregor would be moving up to lightweight to fight Rafael dos Anjos at UFC 196 on March 5th, he revealed his intentions to also go up to welterweight to fight Robbie Lawler for the welterweight championship.

Conor McGregor

Now that Rafael dos Anjos is out of their UFC 196 bout, and Nate Diaz has stepped in for a welterweight scrap with McGregor, many are wondering if McGregor will get a welterweight title shot at UFC 200 if he defeats Diaz.

With that being said, after Johny Hendricks withdrew from his UFC 192 bout due to a weight-cutting mishap that landed him in the hospital, the UFC promised Tyrone Woodley the next welterweight title shot.

That’s not something top ranked welterweight Matt Brown can get behind.

Fox Sports has the quotes:

“I can understand them giving it to Conor. He’s the money man. That makes sense. (Tyron) Woodley, he shouldn’t even be getting a title shot. This guy, he beat Kelvin Gastelum and he didn’t even beat Carlos Condit. His last fight was Gastelum. That’s a fucking joke. He’s just a business man. Just trying to play the business and not actually fight and earn it like other people are. If Conor beats Nate, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to fight for whatever title he wants. He’s the money man.”

Brown drew parallels between McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather:

“I wish that it wasn’t the truth. Floyd (Mayweather) could go fight any weight he wants and fight any guy he wants and Conor’s in the same boat. That’s where the money is. There’s no reason not to give him the money fights. I guarantee (Robbie) Lawler would rather fight Conor and break out the red panties.”

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