The UFC is losing how many millions by leaving Conor McGregor off UFC 200?

Muhammad Ali cash photo

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is the biggest draw currently in the UFC with the records to back it up.

So, when the UFC announced that they pulled “The Notorious” off UFC 200 for his refusal to take part in media obligations to promote the fight, a lot of people were scratching their heads.

ESPN did an analysis based on previous numbers that were talked about regarding pay-per-view buys and the dollar signs are staggering when everything adds up when McGregor’s name is on it.

The UFC stands to lose an estimated $45 million taking everything into consideration from pay-per-view buys, the live gate, fan expos and royalties even with Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier headlining the significant card, according to ESPN.

Did the UFC make the right call? Was it all just to prove their point that they run the show, not Conor McGregor?

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