Nate Diaz questions the legitimacy of Conor McGregor’s trash talk

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While Conor McGregor has earned the reputation as an expert at mental warfare, Nate Diaz believed that quite a bit of McGregor’s insults prior to their UFC 196 welterweight scrap were scripted. McGregor repeatedly called out Diaz for ‘teaching Sunday morning kid’s Jiu-Jitsu’ and ‘going on bike rides with the elderly’.

Diaz spoke on Fox Sports about why he feels McGregor’s insults were scripted.

MMAFighting has the transcription:

“It seemed like a lot of scripted stuff was going on. Maybe he was serious about what he was saying, but it sounded like some bullsh*t to me.”

While many credit McGregor as one of the greatest trash talkers in the history of the sport, what do you think of his trash talk?