Henry Cejudo on Conor McGregor: ‘He’s the best fighter in the world and he’s the best entertainer in the world as well’

By Russell Ess - October 27, 2016

Olympic gold medalist and former UFC flyweight title challenger Henry Cejudo knows just how tough it is to become a UFC champion. Even with winning a gold medal and being the second youngest American wrestler to ever win an Olympic gold medal, Cejudo still has yet to accomplish his ultimate goal of being a UFC champion.

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In a recent interview with Boxeo Mundial, Cejudo gave UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor some major props for his abilities and achievements and touched upon the historic UFC lightweight title fight coming up between “The Notorious” and Eddie Alvarez.

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“I like the Philly boy man, I like Eddie Alvarez a lot but if he stays on his feet with Conor, I think Conor is going to get him,” Cejudo said on his opinion of the matchup. “If Eddie fights the same way he fought Anthony Pettis, he would beat Conor.

“But, man, Conor is a gamer dude. I will never cross that dude out. I just won’t man. His mindset is second to none dude. He’s special because of his mind and his belief in his ability.

“I don’t think there had been another athlete like Conor, where he is that confident. Maybe, Ali, that’s one of the only ones that I can think of, where he’s able to count the rounds, one-punch knockouts. He’s special, man. He’s special. I won’t count him out.”

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As far as what Cejudo saw in McGregor’s last battle to overcome Nate Diaz at UFC 202, the UFC flyweight was more than impressed.

“Especially fighting someone like Nate Diaz who has a gas tank like nobody’s business, his gas tank will never go out. For Conor to be able to take the fight to five rounds against a bigger man, my respects to him.”

“I may disagree with the way he flaunts himself and flaunts money and things like that but he’s an entertainer. He’s a fighter. He’s the best fighter in the world and he’s the best entertainer in the world as well.”

As far as who Cejudo picked to win, he went with who he feels is the best in the world after a bit of deliberation between the two champions.

“The more experienced guy is probably Alvarez but I’ve got Conor, man. I like Eddie a lot man. He seems like a really good dude and a good fighter. I’ve watched a lot of his fights but I’ve got a feeling he may get prideful. I hope he doesn’t.”

ufc new york


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