Frankie Edgar’s Manager Calls Conor McGregor ‘Full of Sh-t’ and a ‘Prostitute’

Conor Mcgregor

Earlier today, Conor McGregor served an appetizer to those that are eagerly awaiting his return to the Octagon. The self-proclaimed Champ Champ™ came out of nowhere and went on record saying that he actually offered to step up and wipe out the ‘final featherweight’ Frankie Edgar in place of Max Holloway at UFC 222. According to him, the UFC wasn’t able to ‘generate the money’ to put it together. Before the steam even cleared even cleared from that heat, Edgar’s manager Ali Abdel-Aziz was already speaking out about the claim.

“When Max pulled out, I told the UFC, we’ll fight Conor [McGregor] at any weight class he wants. The UFC told us they can’t even get him to fight in his weight class. He’s become just like Floyd Mayweather. This guy doesn’t want to fight. He does what Floyd Mayweather does. He just wants to stay in the media. He likes the attention, but he’s not getting it because he’s not fighting. He should have fought Frankie [Edgar] two years ago. He ducked him for two years. He’s full of sh-t. He’s a liar.” — Ali Abdel-Aziz speaking to Brett Okamoto of ESPN.

The saga of Conor McGregor and Frankie Edgar goes back even before McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo. Of course, after McGregor became featherweight champion, he was off to fulfill his dream of becoming a two-weight UFC champion. Their paths almost crossed again when Rafael dos Anjos had to pull out of their UFC lightweight title fight, but Edgar had a groin injury and a torn abductor and couldn’t take the fight. The rest is history and unfortunately, it looks like it will stay there after this last alleged missed opportunity.

“Just the situation that came about last week where [Rafael dos Anjos] got hurt, I missed that opportunity because I’m banged up myself. I’m just a bit upset about how it originally went down, how the news was shared, but I’ve since calmed down. It is what it is, I’m hurt and that’s the bottom line. I couldn’t take this fight [with Conor McGregor]. […] I would have. I was even enticing taking it now, but luckily I didn’t. I’m not in shape to be fighting or even training, to be honest. If I was even half healthy, I would have taken that fight. I was upset, man. I was waiting for this opportunity, here it comes and I can’t take it.” — Frankie Edgar speaking on The MMA Hour back in 2016.

This article first appeared on on 2/22/2018.

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