Joe Rogan praises Cerrone and Medeiros for their fight, Nick Diaz disagrees

Joe Rogan

On Thursday morning, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan took to Instagram to praise Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Yancy Medeiros for their thrilling scrap at UFC Austin – a card he was off-duty for.  Rogan, like many, was blown away by the respect the two welterweights showed each other during this brief but exciting battle.

I just got home from the @icehousecc and decided to unwind by rewatching this epic fight between @yancymedeiros and @cowboycerrone. This fight wasn’t just epic because it launched cowboy into a 3 way tie with @mikebisping and @georgesstpierre for the most wins ever in the UFC (20). It was also a special fight in that one of the things that was so enjoyable about the fight was the respect the two had for each other, both before and after their one round of chaos. They even embraced in friendship in the middle of a round, and I fucking loved it. They briefly paused to hug and then went right back to a full tilt brawl. They both just went for it with pure respect and love for each other, and they both swung for the fences. Cowboy wound up connecting with a pinpoint right hand and wound up getting the stoppage right before the buzzer. It was epic, and then again, after it was over there was nothing but love and respect. I thought it was all around an awesome experience to watch it even a second time. Thank you, gentlemen, for a great moment in MMA, and a really fun fight to watch.

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While Rogan seemed to adore this fight and the respect between Cerrone and Medeiros, however, welterweight star Nick Diaz wasn’t so sure about what he saw in the cage in Austin. Buried in the hundreds of comments on Rogan’s post, Diaz chimed in with an emoji that made his thoughts on the matter abundantly clear.

What did you think of Joe Rogan’s assessment of Cerrone and Medeiros’ fight? Do you share his opinion, or are you siding with Nick Diaz on this one?

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