Dana White on UFC 200 main event booking: McGregor was obsessed with fighting Nate Diaz again!

By Chris Taylor - March 30, 2016

UFC President Dana White did an interview with ESPN following the announcement of the UFC 200 event headlining bouts (Mcgregor vs Diaz & Aldo vs. Edgar), where he discussed the UFC’s reasoning behind booking the two major rematches.

UFC 196

The UFC President told ESPN that current featherweight champ Conor McGregor was ‘obsessed’ with fighting Nate Diaz again and that he demanded the rematch take place in the UFC’s welterweight division:

“Well after the fight (UFC 196), Lorenzo and I went up to Conor’s house that he is renting here in Las Vegas and started talking about ‘what are you thinking and what’s next’ and he was just obsessed. Obsessed with fighting Nate Diaz again. Obviously Lorenzo and I tried to argue with him and say let’s go back down to 145 and defend your titlte or if you really want the Diaz fight that bad do it at 155. But he wants to fight it at 170. Even his coach tried to get him to get off this rematch and off the 170-pound fight but it is what he (Conor) wanted.”

Do you think this is a smart fight for McGregor to take against what will surely be a fresher and sharper Nate Diaz or should the featherweight champ have returned to his more natural weight class for UFC 200? Sound off PENN Nation!


Conor McGregor