Conor McGregor is warned that he should hire personal security with Fabricio Werdum around

By Russell Ess - March 3, 2016

Conor McGregor is definitely not making any friends in the fight game by being one of the biggest draws in the UFC. Part of his allure is his persona and the things he says. Sometimes the things he says are pointed directly at other fighters in the UFC and well, some of them are taking it very personally.

Dublin, Ireland's Conor McGregor

Fighter manager Ali Abdel Aziz spoke with Jonathan Shrager of the UG to discuss McGregor and the personal issues with some of his fighters that include Frankie Edgar, Rafael dos Anjos and Fabricio Werdum.

“Listen, I’m going to tell something,” Abdel Aziz said. “Fabricio, everybody sees him all smiles, nice. Fabricio is probably one of the meanest guys, you can see if he flips. If I was Conor, I really mean it, if he know Fabricio is going to be around, he should hire security. Because if Fabricio said if he saw him, he might slap him. If I was Conor’s management I would ask the UFC to please keep me away from Fabricio.

“Guarantee if you talk about certain guys, Khabib’s family, or wife, or something like that, you’re going need to have to hire security. Certain guys are going to go ahead and whip his ass. But, I’m telling you, Conor is not safe around Fabricio. I think the UFC should get him a security.”

Do you think an altercation could occur between the UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum and featherweight champion Conor McGregor if they run into one another? Do you think Conor McGregor actually needs personal security with Werdum around?

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