Conor McGregor to Nate Diaz: “Dance for me and don’t look at me in the eye when you dance!”

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor was unleashing a verbal assault on Nate Diaz at today’s UFC 196 press conference.

“Mystic Mac” demanded that Diaz say ‘thank you’ for making him a millionaire, but Nate was not willing to do so and that’s when things really heated up:

McGregor: “Look at Nate’s last fight. 20,000 to show 20,000 to win. That’s not even a performance bonus. His whole check didn’t add up to a performance of the night bonus. Now he’s  about to make his first million here so he really should be thankful and grateful for this opportunity that I am giving him.”

Diaz: “You should be thankful too. You’re going to get a bigger check now then if you were fighting dos Anjos. it would have been a little penny check with him.”

McGregor: “My check? Don’t talk about money you’re broke. I could easily switch you up now and put you back on that 20 and 20 if you want. But all I want is a thank you or even a little dance.”

Diaz: “You are welcome.”

McGregor: “Dance for me. Dance for me Nate. And don’t look me in the eye when you dance!”

Who do you have winning the UFC 196 main event scrap?