Conor McGregor Does Not Believe In Death: “You’re just evolving to the next stage”

By Chris Taylor - March 2, 2016

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor is one of the most confident fighters to ever exist in the long history of combat sports.

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“Mystic Mac” believes he can defeat any man inside of the octagon no matter how much of a size advantage they may have on him.

Esquire conducted an interview with the brash Irish superstar in April of 2015, where McGregor touched on the subject of death. The current UFC featherweight champion acknowledged that death on earth exists, but that it is just a part of a process taking an individual to the ‘next stage’, his words:

“Even in death, they say your vision, you can see everything,” stated McGregor. “It’s almost like you’re evolving to the next stage. It’s like a different plane of existence, just another form of movement, now we’re moving through the fucking universe or I don’t know what the fuck. Think of what’s out there.”

Conor McGregor will square off with Nate Diaz in a welterweight bout headlining this weekend’s UFC 196 pay-per-view event in Las Vegas.

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