Coach Kavanagh: ‘Haters’ would love to see Conor McGregor fight Tyron Woodley

ufc new york

Earlier this month at the UFC 205 weigh ins in New York city, current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor and current UFC welterweight tile holder Tyron Woodley were involved in a pair of altercations.

Although neither altercation resulted in anything physical, the incidents certainly got fans and analysts talking about a potential super fight between “Mystic Mac” and “The Chosen One”.

Woodley has stated that he would have no problem defending his title against Conor McGregor next, but added that he doesn’t believe that the Irish star wants any part of the potential showdown.

During Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh discussed the possibility of a welterweight title fight between McGregor and Woodley.

“I’m sure the haters would love that,” Kavanagh said to Ariel Helwani.

While Kavangh admits the Tyron Woodley would be a tough fight for his star pupil, he does believe that McGregor could come out of the potential contest with a win.

“He’s not enormous,” Kavangh said of Woodley. “He’s not some Goliath man. He’s a little bit bigger. Conor would have reach on him, he would have technique on him in the striking, for sure. He’d have to of course deal with that power. … I certainly don’t in my head go, ‘Oh my God, no. We couldn’t possibly beat him.’ It’s a doable fight.”

Conor McGregor made history at UFC 205 when he knocked out Eddie Alvarez in the evenings main event to become the first fighter in the promotions history to hold two belts simultaneously (featherweight and lightweight).

However, that reign as two-division title holder was short-lived for McGregor, as the UFC announced yesterday evening that they had stripped “Mystic Mac” of the featherweight strap and promoted interim featherweight title holder Jose Aldo to the divisions undisputed champion.