Bob Arum: Conor McGregor Pushed Malignaggi Down and Can’t Fight for Sh-t

Conor McGregor Paulie Malignaggi

Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has been the focus of more debate and controversy than perhaps any of the most recent MMA fights from the UFC. It seems like every day, new people come out of the woodwork to put in their two cents. Legendary boxing promoter Bob Arum is here to provide some tough talk. He’s on a mission to set everyone straight on this whole May/Mac situation. He still thinks it’s an absolute ridiculous train wreck and that Paul Malignaggi was not knocked down.

“The ship will be revealed as having no ballast and once it’s on the water it’s the Sinkable Molly Brown. Of course I wanted [Manny] Pacquiao to fight McGregor. Because it was easy money for Pacquiao. It was an opportunity for Pacquiao to pick up big, easy money. This is a one-off thing. [McGregor] has absolutely no reason to be in the ring with a skilled, professional fighter. And if I was wrong, why didn’t he fight some journeyman to show you belong in the ring? […] He didn’t do [anything] to Malignaggi. He pushed him down.” — Bob Arum to the LA Times.

Conor McGregor Paul Malignaggi

“After he fights Mayweather, the only promoter I think who might be interested in promoting him is [smaller, East Coast-based promoter] Artie Pelulo. Who the f-ck would want to promote this guy? He can’t fight for sh-t. Don’t you understand? He’s not a boxer. It’ll take him years to understand. And there’s so many more talented guys around.”

It’s a little funny though, that Bob Arum was ready to set up another circus act in Conor McGregor boxing Manny Pacquiao but condemns the Mayweather bout. Then again, Arum has never really liked Floyd. Would he promote a Paul Malignaggi fight with Conor McGregor? Where does he draw the line? The thing is, Mayweather/McGregor never masqueraded itself as a legit boxing contest. It’s pure spectacle and will make everyone involved an ungodly amount of money. Perhaps Bob Arum is just upset he didn’t get a slice of the pie.

This article first appeared on on 8/15/2017.

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